Priority values

Upload priority values (Active Learning)

The priority value feature helps you determine the items that you need to annotate first to improve your model training. It's a key active learning feature that speeds up your annotation time.

To upload priority values:

  1. In Settings, check the Show priority values box.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Go to Data and click the button that says CSV.
  4. Drag and drop or choose a CSV file from your computer.
  5. Click Upload.

After the upload is complete, a priority value appears next to each item. You can sort your items by their priority values.

If the items have priority values and the Annotator requests tasks, they’ll receive the items sorted by priority value instead of by item name.


Download this file and use it as a guide to create a CSV file.


Items that don't have names or priority values won't be uploaded.

SDK function

To upload priority values:

project_name = 'Project Name'
scores = [
        "name" : "image_1.png",
        "priority": 0.567
        "name" : "image_2.png",
        "priority": 0.789

    project = project_name,
    scores = scores

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