UI Builder

This is the builder that you'll use to create your LLMs and GenAI form. The builder is separated into two sections that will help you build and edit your form based on your project's requirements. After creating the project, you may build a custom form from scratch or select from a number of available templates. Building the form involves the use of various UI components and their customized functionality, which can be defined through the Code Editor.

llm ui builder

General properties

​​There are multiple components available in the UI Builder. Each component on the UI should have its own unique ID that is auto-generated, but can be changed to a more defining value. You should keep in mind that there are a few reserved IDs that can’t be used for any component, and these are: _item_name, _item_category, and _folder.

The rest of the component’s properties are divided into sections: Content, Settings, Visibility, and Format.


You can manage and control the component’s main properties here. This includes its values and composition.


You can manage and fine-tune a component’s settings to make sure it looks and behaves the way you want. These settings include things like component positioning, sizing, value ranges or limitations, whether or not to exclude it from the export JSON, and whether or not the component is required to be fulfilled before an item is completed.


component visibility

You can modify the permissions on each individual component (except Grid) so that they can either be Hidden or View only. You can select one or multiple roles and statuses that this setting is applicable to. This can be done when defining the properties of the component.


Some components will give you the option to format their appearance. This includes background styles, title styles, and button styles.


You can find these components under the following categories.