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A team is a group of users that work on projects. In the My teams tab, you can create a team, change your team’s details, invite team members, and generate a public API token for Python SDK.

Create a team

In the left toolbar, select My teams > New team. Enter your team’s name and description.

Change team details

To change your team’s details, enter your team’s new name and description. When you’re done, select Save.

Invite members

To invite a team member, enter their email address, check the Team admin box (optional), and select Invite.


As a Team owner, you can allow your team members to run model trainings.

  1. Make a team member a Team admin by going to your team and checking the Team admin box.
  2. Check the Allow to run a training box.

You can revoke this permission anytime by unchecking the Allow to run a training box. After you revoke the permission, the Neural network tab will be inactive. In this case, the Team admin will have to contact the team owner to ask for permission to run model trainings.

The Team admin can still see all the previous training sessions but not change, rerun, or delete them. They also won’t be able to see the new training sessions.

The Team owner can see the training sessions run by the Team admin. They can also stop training sessions or modify them.


The Team owner and the Team admin can download the metrics of the previous trainings.


The Neural network tab is only visible to Team owners and Team admins.


Token for Python SDK

You can generate a token for a Python SDK, which is a Python-based kit that contains all the tools, libraries, and instructions that a developer needs to create software applications.

A token is an authentication key that gives you access to multiple API calls within the platform. The key access is generated in accordance with your user plan.

To create a token for a Python SDK, select Generate > Copy.

The validity period of the token is displayed on the page. To cancel the token, select Revoke.

Delete a team

At the bottom of the page, select Delete this team and confirm your action.

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