Smart Prediction

Run Smart Prediction

To run Smart Prediction on an image or multiple images:

  1. In Data, select one or multiple images.
  2. Click Run Smart Prediction.
  3. Choose a model: Cars, Instance segmentation (trained on COCO), OCR (English text), and Object detection (trained on COCO).
  4. Click Start prediction.

When Smart Prediction completes successfully, you'll see a green checkmark on the Smart Prediction button that corresponds to the image(s). When you hover over that button, you'll see this message: Smart Prediction completed.

When you run Smart Prediction on an image, open the image in the editor, select the instance you want to annotate, and assign it a class.

Smart Prediction models

Smart prediction modelDescription
CarsPredicts vehicles.
Instance segmentation (trained on COCO)Predicts your instance’s class label, Bounding Box, and binary mask. Use this model to detect countable objects, such as boxes.
OCR (English text)Predicts texts in English.
Object detection (trained on COCO)Predict objects using Bounding Boxes.